FL TOURS - Privacy Policy

It is important that our site visitors understand that any information you provide to us during the course of your visit to our site is NEVER sold or provided to any third party for any reason.  The information collected is used ONLY for its intended purpose.

1. What Information of Yours is Collected:

General information for the purpose of determining the number of visitors to our site is captured every time you visit. We measure visitors to our website using Google Analytics. This records what pages you view within our site, how you arrived at our site and some basic information about your computer. All of that information is anonymous – so we don’t know who you are; just that somebody visited our site. The information we collect from analytics helps us understand what parts of our sites are doing well, how people arrive at our site and so on. Like most websites, we use this information to make our website better. You can view the Google Analytics Privacy Policy or Opt Out at any time.

The ONLY time personal information about you is captured is when you provide that information to us when you fill out a transportation request through the forms on our website.

2.  What organization is collecting the information:
The information that you provide to us is collected and maintained by FL TOURS Transportation Service., 124 Sapphire Falls LN Orlando, FL 32824.

3.  How is the information used:
The information is used only for the purpose it is intended.  Under no circumstances will your email address, or personal information be sold to any third party, at any time for any reason.  We will use the email information ONLY for issues that pertain to the area in which you provided the information.  At no time will you be solicited directly from the site unless you have acknowledged that you wish to receive such information.

4.  With whom is the information shared:
The information is not shared with any other entity under any circumstance unless ordered by a court of law to do so.

5. Data Collection and Protection.  The company collects personal data for the purpose of booking transfers. This data includes, but is not limited to, name, address, email, and phone numbers.  All data is collected through forms on our website and is accessed only by authorized employees fo FL Tours. Personal data is used and stored securely in accordance with the companies data policies and procedures. The company also collects credit card information for the purposes of paying for transfers. Credit card information is collected, stored and transmitted securely and separate from personal data to provide a greater level of security.  Credit card information is retained by the company only until it has been used to make they payment, then it is permanently removed and destroyed.  The Company’s goal is to keep any and all personal data provided as secure and accurate as possible. The Company will never give or sell your personal date to any company or individual not directly affiliated with booking your transfer unless required to do so by law. 

If you would like to review the information we have on file, you can do so by accessing your reservation by logging into the Client Services are from the home page. If you would like to change or delete information you have supplied, please send an email to reservations@fltours.com or call at 407-857-9606.



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